Teascopia 3

Today’s guest agreed to do twice the work and you can listen to this podcast in both English and Spanish. For the Spanish version, look for Episode 30B.

Gaby Prieto is a tea sommelier who lives in Barcelona. She writes about tea her collaborative projects on her blog Teascopia.

In this podcast, Gaby talks about her projects with artist Victoria Fernandez and with Caroline, from blueyellow, who works with aromatic herbs.

Here are the links to Gaby’s two posts on Teascopia about these collaborations:

In this episode we talk about what a tea somelier does, where to have and buy tea in Barcelona and how she’s finding entrepreneurial life in the city.

To listen to the interview in Spanish, download Episode 30B, Té en Barcelona.

These are some of the places Gaby mentions:



Caj Chai


And the webiste for culinary experiences: www.eatwith.com



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