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Episode 10. Jane Cronin talks about Spanish society

In this episode, Jane Cronin and Pilar talk about how Spanish society’s relationship with democracy has changed over the last 30 years. After the interview, Pilar also talks…

Lisa Sadleir

Episode 8. Lisa Sadleir, Mijas and Moving to Spain with children

Lisa Sadleir, the mum from Family Life in Spain, talks to Pilar about how she created the website to share her experience of moving to Spain with children….

August Podcast Digest

Wow, that was the first month of the Spain Uncovered Podcast, and what a month it’s been! I’ve been interviewing left, right and centre, not just for this…

Matthew Hirtes and Gran Canaria

Episode 7. Matthew Hirtes and Gran Canaria.

If you fancy taking a walk (with your imagination) around Gran Canaria, join me and guest Matthew Hirtes in this episode of Spain Uncovered. Matthew talks about the…