Today’s episode features five of us: Chelsea, Dan, Ivor, Paul and myself, Pilar.
We recorded this roundtable on Spanish stereotypes at the end of last year.

















Ivor R Tamplin
















Pilar recording the Spain Uncovered Podcast








Today is of course the last day of Christmas in Spain, it’s a public holiday and it’s the day when most children wake up to find that the 3 Wise Men, los tres reyes magos have left them some presents.

But I am bringing you my own little present on this 6th January 2015 and it’s a very special episode. It’s also a very long one so I’m releasing it in two parts in case you want to download it. And the episode is actually a roundtable, talking about Spanish stereotypes and beyond, the conversation does get quite interesting half way through, looking more into what’s going on in Spain, the character of the typical Spaniard, if there is one, that’s something else we discuss. There are four more people on the line with me. And big apologies because my set up was slightly different to normal and it’s only now that I’ve realised that there seems to be some static, but the other guests have a pretty good sound quality.

So as this is such a long, and meaty, episode, there won’t be a proper podcast next week. I might pop in to say hello if there is something to report, but if not, I’ll be back on the 20th of January.

Thanks to @Singaporegrip for his tweet which he actually sent to you listening, if you’re living in the UK, he wanted you to know that there is an exhibition on “Conscience and Conflict” British Artists and the Spanish Civil War, which is at Pallant House in Chichester until 15 February 2015 and apparently going up to Newscastle later on. And I had a quick look through the programme of events, and there is plenty of other stuff going on around that time, Spanish-themed, including the exhibition “Terry Frost: Eleven Poems by Federico García Lorca”.


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