25th January 2015. 12pm CET (11am GMT)
A one-off roundtable with Indie Content Creators, part of the event Indie Content Creators day, organised by Craving Distraction. You can watch the video below, or download the audio file here.

For a description of the event in audio form, have a click here: listen to ‘Indie Content Creators Special Event’ on audioBoom

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Are you thinking of writing a book, creating a video or hosting a podcast?

We now have access to hundreds (thousands?) of tools that allow us to make our creative dreams come true, pretty much on our own. But it’s not that easy.

The process of independently creating, completing, promoting, distributing and retailing a creative work can be really challenging for many of us.

However, the other thing that technology has enabled us to do is to look for help at the click of the bottom. I am incredibly hounoured to take part in a live event with five other very different creative individuals, with a connection to Spain, on January 25th. We will be sharing our experiences and insights on how to produce, exhibit, publish and sell photographic or fine art, ebooks or paperbacks, videos, audiobooks or podcasts.

Ready to take those first steps? Why not join us?

The event is being organised by a regular guest on this podcast, Paul Read aka the Gazpacho Monk.

This Indie Content Creators Day is primarily being hosted on Facebook but we also have other ways in which you can take part if you don’t use that social platform.

Who’s involved?

Caroline Angus-Baker

carolineBorn in rural New Zealand, now in self-imposed exile from Spain in Auckland, New Zealand, ten years after first setting foot in Valencia. Author of seven self-published novels, including the Secrets of Spain trilogy, historical fiction based in Valencia and Madrid throughout the 20th century. Reviewer of both new and classic books on Spain, Valencia history blogger and social media addict on all things Spanish.

Areas of expertise: Writing, Publishing

twitter @Writer_Caroline

Web: http://carolineangusbaker.com
Location: New Zealand


Alan Gandy

ALAN001-225x300Alan Gandy is a British photographer from the north of England based in Almeria. Alan and his wife Elle moved to Lanzarote in 2006 and in 2012 relocated to Almeria in Andalusia.

Since completing a degree in fine art photography (more years ago than he cares to remember) he has had his work published, exhibited, and sold through libraries. He also sells prints of his personal work to collectors. Prior to moving to Spain he also held a number of positions teaching the subject.

Areas of Expertise: Photography, Web design and content sites (Spain Buddy and Gandy-Draper), Long distance walking! J (the Canary Islands)





Twitter: @Alan_Gandy
Location: Almeria, Spain

Cherry Jeffs

cherryBritish-born, mixed-media artist and artist-empowerment coach. 20 years resident of Spain and eternal nomad. Previously self-employed as graphic designer and jewellery designer-maker. Loves communication in all its forms. Passionate about empowering fellow creatives to grow wings and fly.Areas of Expertise:
Branding/visual identity for print and digital media
Pinterest for idea development and personal/business branding
Ebooks – design; why you might want to create one as a visual artist or anyone who doesn’t normally ‘write’
Stepping outside your habitual content medium to enhance your creativity / develop you creative voice

Twitter: @CherryJeffs
Location: Granada, Spain

Pilar Orti

Pilar recording the Spain Uncovered PodcastPilar Orti is going a bit mad exploring all the opportunities that technology has given her to do thousands of things like podcasting, writing (and publishing her writing!), blogging and collaborating with people in other countries. She is also a professional voiceover and helps virtual teams through coaching and support. Pilar loves London, where she’s lived since she was 18 and regularly visits Madrid, where she grew up.

Areas of Expertise: Self Publishing digitally and in print, Podcasting, Audiobooks, Podcasting

Location: London, UK

Web Sites: http://www.spainuncoveredpodcast.net and www.virtualnotdistant.com

Twitter: @PilarOrti

Paul Read

Paul_Reid_profileOriginally from London, has now lived in Spain for nearly 20 years. Author of several books on Spain and Spanish history as well as teacher and writer on Tai Chi and Eastern Philosophy. Producer of 2 youtube channels (Speaking of Spain and Tai Chi with the Teapotmonk) as well as a variety of random podcasts. Likes to make Garlic Soup.

Web: www.speakingofspain.com

Areas of expertise: Indie Ebook and paperback production, distribution and marketing, Mobile Computing Fanatic, Video Channel creation on Youtube, Budget Podcasting

twitter: @gazpachomonk

Location: Granada, Spain.


Martin Stellar

martinMartin Stellar is an ex-monk, once-upon-a-tailor and semi-retired copywriter. His mission is to show artists easy, fun and ethical ways to sell their art. Smiles a lot, plays jester, takes no BS.

Web: http://www.martinstellar.com

Areas of Expertise: Marketing Art

Twitter: @martinstellar

Location: Granada, Spain


Indie Content Creators Roundtable
Indie Content Creators Roundtable 12pm CET
A Google Hangout Session in which 4 panel members will be discussing the changing model of work in a digital age, how to keep motivated and creative with digital tools, how the Spanish connection influences and shapes our work .

You can follow the discussion live on Google Plus or YouTube or from this page on 25th January 12pm CET (11am GMT). Click on this link.


Then head over to Facebook to continue the discussion.

Open Facebook event 5pm – 7pm CET

At least 6 panel members will gather to discuss more on these issues and offer practical steps to gett your creative endeavours out into the digital marketplaces.

They will be answering questions from anyone who joins the event, as well as offering up free examples of our work over the course of the 2 hours (including Kindle free books, free audio files, free photo book PDF’s) so everyone will have concrete examples of the sort of work that can be created online.

How Can I Join You?
Drop by Craving Distraction’s Facebook Event page, Indie Content Creators in Spain , and click on the “JOIN” button. This way you’ll be notified over the coming week of links to materials, links to the live hangout and updates on our special and growing list of guests.

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