Today’s episode is actually a re-release of one I put together two years ago, would you believe it and it’s all about Lorca. It was actually the most collaborative podcast I ever did for Spain Uncovered. I’m now only releasing Spain Uncovered episodes every now and then as you have probably noticed if you look through the back catalogue.

But, as I said, this episode includes collaborations from other people – it had a bit from author Caroline Angus-Baker, who then came on the podcast as a guest, also from Maria Ferrara, who was actually a friend from school and finally, this was the first time I actually got in touch with Paul Reid aka Gazpacho Monk, with whom I then did a couple more episodes, and whom I actually managed to meet in person along with wife Cherry Jeffs when they were in London.

Lorca is about the only idol I have, which is why I’ve come back to this podcast to celebrate the 80th anniversary of his death – and the 85th anniversary of the completion date of When Five Years Pass, my absolutely favourite play, and the only one of my translations which you can actually buy in paperback and on the Kindle, through Amazon.

So, not much more from me today, just wanted to let you know though, that if you want to practice your Spanish, if you’re a little bit curious about what podcasters are doing in Spain and you want to discover new podcasts, then you will want to listen to En clave de podcast, uncovering Spanish podcasting. This is a new venture that Craig Wealand and myself have just started, where we are interviewing different Spanish podcasters to get an overview of the podcasting scene there. And I tell you what, it’s really, really exciting. Spanish podcasting is on the cusp of exploding with the group Prisa having just got on board. Prisa are a big Spanish media conglomerate, for example behind Cadena Ser and they have just released Podium, a podcast network with a whole range of podcasts in it.

This is being seen as the opportunity by independent podcasters who have been using the medium for more than a decade to really step up their game and say, see, we weren’t just playing around, this is a medium worth taking seriously. So, Craig and I have picked a really good time to look into podcasting. And if this sounds of interest to you, you can subscribe to the podcast – it might well already be out in itunes and other podcatchers, en clave de podcast, or, we have a blog where you can subscribe and we’ll email you the episodes through when they’re ready. And over the next few weeks, I’ll drop the first episode in this feed so that you can have a listen and see what you think.

If you are a podcast listener, then maybe you want to join me for the 21st Century Work Life show – again, search for the podcast in your app or go to (Virtual not Distant is my business) or, look out for Management Cafe, coming out soon.

Finally, remember that I released a couple of years ago the audio version of The A to Z of Spanish Culture, which you can find through Audible, Amazon and iTunes – and of course, you can find that same book in paperback or ebook.

And if you want to get in touch leave a comment in the Get Involved page – it won’t get published, but I will read it and I will get in touch. Well then, I leave you with what was episode 6, my homage to Federico Garcia Lorca.

Image of Federico Garcia Lorca with gesture

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