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I’m no longer hosting this podcast, but feel free to say hello here anyway.

We’re looking for people to contribute to the podcast in one of two ways:

– Have you got a question you want to ask about Spain?

– Have you read any good fiction books or memoirs set in Spain and would like to tell us about it?

Of course, if you can think of other ways in which to be part of this podcast, let us know.

¡Esperamos tu mensaje!


  1. Hi, would be interested in contributing to the podcast.
    I am writing a trilogy of books about Spain and writers with Spanish connections. Just published the first on Laurie Lee and am slowly beginning work on the second on Hemingway, Orwell is lurking around the corner somewhere. I am based in Oxford/Bristol at the moment. Paul Read gave me your link. Paul

  2. You can listen to Paul’s interview here:

  3. Sharon Judge

    I just finished writing a book “Guide to Selecting a Spanish School in Spain” about everything you need to know to experience studying Spanish in Spain. Here is the book description:
    Have you always dreamed of studying Spanish in Spain but you didn’t know where to go, what school to choose, or what courses to take? This up-to-date guide will help you decide whether, where, and how to choose the city you wish to study, the school, the specific course, the type of accommodations and many other factors and to enable you to avoid some of the pitfalls and cope with others to give you the confidence in selecting the best Spanish school in Spain.
    I think interviewing me about my book would add an extraordinary value to your audience.
    Thanks, Sharon

    • Hola Sharon,
      Many thanks for stopping by. I’m no longer releasing any episodes (well, I’m about to record a short one, but that’s probably going to be about it for a while).

      All the best!

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