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Episode 1. Graham Hunt talks about Valencia.

Episode 2. Anna Kemp talks about building an amphitheatre in Granada.

Episode 3. Debs Jenkins talks about Murcia and El mar menor.

Episode 4. Marta Rubio talks about theatre in Madrid.

Episode 5. Gaile Griffin-Peers talks about Javea and the Grapevine magazines.

Episode 6. Podcast special on Federico Garcia Lorca.

Episode 7. Matthew Hirtes talks about Gran Canaria and the Canary Islands.

Episode 8. Lisa Sadleir talks about Mijas and Moving to Spain with children.

Episode 9. David Garcia talks about basketball and scuba diving in Spain.

Episode 10. Jane Cronin talks about Spanish society.

Episode 11. Elle Draper talks about Lanzarote, Almeria and pets in Spain.

Episode 12. Cat Gaa talks about the Camino de Santiago and moving to Spain.

Episode 13. Emilio J Perez and the changing urban landscape in Valencia.

Episode 14. Paul Read and the Forgotten Stories of Spain.

Episode 15. Craig Briggs and Rural Galicia.

Episode 16. Ivor R Tamplin and the Music Improvisation Scene in Madrid

Episode 17 Pablo Jáuregui and the Future of Science in Spain

Episode 18 Caroline Angus-Baker and the Valencian Flood

Episode 19 Cherry Radford talks about her Love of Flamenco

Episode 20 Jason Webster and Spain’s Past and Future

Episode 21 Paul Murphy walks in the Steps of Laurie Lee

Episode 22 Ignacio Segovia and the Winebus

Episode 23 Justine Ancheta and Cataluña

Episode 24 The A to Z of Spanish Christmas Part 1

Episode 25 The A to Z of Spanish Christmas Part 2

Episode 26a Roundtable on Spanish Stereotypes Part1

Episode 26b Roundtable on Spanish Stereotypes Part2

Episode 27 Pilar’s Updates

Episode 28 Alan Gandy and 101 Images of Spain

Episode 29 Discovering Spanish: En boca cerrada, no entran moscas

Episode 30a Gaby Prieto and Tea in Barcelona

Episode 30b Gaby Prieto y el té en Barcelona