Photo of David Did you know that the Basketball World Cup is being hosted this year in Spain, from 30 August – 14 September?

David GP talks to Pilar about why basketball is popular in Spain, why Spanish basketball players are such great role-models and how he became a referee for the sport.

David also talks about the different places where he SCUBA dives in Spain (and off-line he informed me that SCUBA stands for “Self Contained Unit Breathing Aparatus”).

Finally, he shares his love of Asian food by recommending a few high-quality restaurants in Madrid.

For the first time, one of our listeners shares her thoughts on a book set in Spain: Laurie Lee’s “A Rose For Winter”. So remember, do get in touch if you have a book to share!


Some of the places David mentions in this podcast:

Cabo de Palos in Murcia
El Hierro (Canary Islands)
Famara in Lanzarote
Isla de la Graciosa

Restaurants he recommends:

Restaurante Don Zoco
Dimi Bang
Restaurante Seoul

During my brief chat with you, I mention this blog, which has a great article on Lorca


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