Episode 8. Lisa Sadleir, Mijas and Moving to Spain with children

Lisa and childrenLisa Sadleir, the mum from Family Life in Spain, talks to Pilar about how she created the website to share her experience of moving to Spain with children.

She talks about the reality of moving to Spain and how the family is perceived differently in Spain than Britain.

During her chat with Pilar, Lisa mentions Gaile Griffin Peers, guest in the Spain Uncovered Podcast fifth episode and Paul Reid, aka The Gazpacho Monk, author of Inside the Tortilla: A Journey in Search of Authenticity.

Lisa mentions the Luna Mora, a festival where towns and cities celebrate Moorish culture.

If you want to connect with Lisa or find out more about her relocation services, visit familylifeinspain.com, Like her Facebook page or sign up to find out when her new book Moving to Spain with Children is released. Why not also have a look at Lisa’s project Cooking with Languages.


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  1. I found this podcast on my iPhone yesterday, and really enjoyed it. Some great information and I am looking forward to the release of Lisa’s new book.

    If anyone hasn’t visited her website yet, there is a lot of helpful information on there too.

    Keep up the good work, and I will look forward to listening to the forthcoming podcasts!

    • Thanks so much Lee. I’ll let Lisa know that you enjoyed her podcast. I’m also looking forwards to her book!

    • Thank you for taking the time to post a nice comment Lee.
      We love our family life in Spain but want people to realise that it isn’t always easy. Our mission is to help people enjoy Spain as much as we do, but to do that they need to carry out plenty research and do lots of homework.
      Gracias amigo 🙂

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