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Photo by Carlos García Pozo/El Mundo

The star of this week’s show is Science, with a capital S, or more specifically, Physics and Astronomy.

Back in 2002 Pablo Jáuregui was faced with the audacious challenge of heading a new daily science section in the newspaper El Mundo. In this interview, he shares why the section was set up and how his own career has grown with it, leading him to his recent interview with Stephen Hawking. Of course, he tells us about this amazing, once in a lifetime experience, of interviewing one of his heroes.

Pablo also tells us about the relatively new Starmus Festival, which took part back in September in Tenerife. And finally, we talk about how science is viewed in the country and how its popularity and lack of funding could influence the country’s future.

Pablo en el mundoYou can read Pablo’s interview with Stephen Hawking, in Spanish, here. For articles in English about the interview, just search for “pablo jauregui stephen hawking” and you’ll get plenty of results.


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