craig briggsThis episode is dedicated to Galicia, well, to a small area of the region. Craig Briggs talks about the Ribeira Sacra, where he lives and later on in the podcast, Allison Bauer delights us with the last helping of the Spanish Food mini-series. (You can find the text version of her contribution in this blog post about Galician food.)

I loved editing this interview, as Craig managed to transport me somewhere completely different to my London flat, which has an extremely urban view out of its windows. If you’ve never been to Galicia, I recommend that you view his blog while listening to the podcast, he’s got plenty of photographs to illustrate his words.

campo_verdeCraig talks specifically about the Ribeira Sacra, where he lives. He mentions the Parador, the river Miño and the Escolapios. He describes how he started making his own wine and recommends visiting the Centro de vino in Monforte de Lemos. If you’d like to follow Craig’s adventure making wine over the last year, check out his From Vine Watch to Wine blog posts.

Craig is contributing to raising the profile of this Galician area. The municipality of Sober was recently recognised as an area of Galician tourism, which will really help the area’s campaign in becoming a World Heritage Site.

Meanwhile, Craig is facilitating the discovery of the area by international tourists through the luxury farmhouse that he rents out in the nearby village of Vilatán. Check out the wonderful Campo Verde through the Getaway-Galicia website.

Although we do talk a bit about how Craig arrived in Galicia and his first months there, this interview had the Galician landscape and her people at its centre. So if you’re interested in finding out more about Craig’s adventure moving to Spain, check out his book Journey To A Dream. And what a dream it’s been!


Finally, to end the podcast and the Spanish Food mini series, Allison pulpo a la gallegaBauer talks about Galician food. As she names so many dishes and products, I’ve created a new blog post for her in case you don’t have a pen and paper ready while you’re listening to her.

Pulpo a la gallega photo credit: darioalvarez via photopin cc

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