Paul_Reid_profileIn this episode, Paul Read (aka the Gazpacho Monk) talks about the parallels between what was happening in Spanish society in the 1930s, just before the Civil War, and today. Allison Bauer delights us with her second helping of the Spanish Food mini series, on gazpacho.

Having read Paul’s 1984 And The Spanish Civil War, I was keen to hear this week’s guest’s opinion as to whether Spanish society, and in particular the Catalan people, are continuing where they left off before the civil war. Paul not only enlightens me (and you) with a period of Spanish history which I had either never particularly known about or had completely forgotten, but he also brings me up to date with what’s happening in Spanish politics, or should I say society, with the rise of Podemos. (Something Jane Cronin already mentioned when she took part in this podcast.)


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It’s hard to maintain the conversation light when talking about the Civil War, so after a bit of a bleak conversation around one of the least well-known massacres that took place in the Civil War, we turn to talking about Tai-Chi and whether it will ever take off in Spain. If you’re interested in Paul’s Tai-Chi practice, visit his site  For all of Paul’s other Spain related “stuff” (and he’s got plenty of it, including in situ videos and a podcast) visit

Paul also mentions the video Homage to Catalonia 2, which you can find through this link:

(And if you do enjoy Paul’s prose, check out his contribution to the Lorca special, near the end of the episode.)

Here are the links to the Forgotten Stories from Spain that we mention in the podcast.

gazpachoTo end the podcast, Allison Bauer dissects gazapacho and gives us a little bit of history of this famous summer soup.

gazpacho soup photo credit: cyclonebill via photopin cc


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