Elle 04In this episode, Elle talks to Pilar about the province of Almeria, the set of many a spaghetti western.

Elle also talks about the wonderful island of Lanzarote, where she used to live. If you’re thinking of moving to the island, check out her websites

www.lanzarotebusiness.com and www.lanzaroterelocation.co.uk

And if you’re thinking of going on holiday there, then listen to the tips she gives at the end of the podcast and have a look at www.canarynightlife.net, where you will find information on bars and restaurants throughout the Canary Islands.

Elle also talks about the role that pets play in Spanish families and she shares why she set up the website www.petfriendlybreaks.com


Don’t forget to check out Elle and Alan’s website www.spainbuddy.com, for information on living in and exploring Spain or www.gandydraper.com to check out another of Elle’s businesses.

Lanzarote-pic(If you would like to know where to SCUBA dive in Lanzarote, check out our episode with David GP.) And for more information on the Canary Islands, check out the interview with Matthew Hirtes.


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