Episode 1. Graham Hunt and Valencia

In this podcast, I talk to Graham Hunt, owner of Valencia Property.

He shares with us how he ended up in Valencia, and he also talks about how the property market has changed in Spain in the past ten years. He also tells us how his tablet magazine has evolved – you can see it for yourself on the Spanish Property Magazine website. Finally, Graham recommends a couple of places you might want to visit if you’re in Valencia, including La Albufera.

(There is also mention of las fallas. You can read more about them in the A to Z of Spanish Culture blog.)

You can get in touch with Graham through Twitter @grahunt and you can watch his 100 Tips for Moving to Spain on YouTube.

I also talk a bit about my childhood in the beach of Gandía and build upon Graham’s recommendations on places to visit in Valencia, including the Ciudad de las Artes y Valencia.


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  1. Ron Hayward

    Hola Pilar
    Nice to hear from you, we lived in the Valencia region for six years love the area but had to go back to Britain due to the recession, will look out for more of your reports
    Regards Ron

  2. Hi Ron,
    Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the show and do stop by some more!
    I hope you get the chance to visit Valencia, even though you’ve left.
    Best wishes!

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