Here is the second part of my A to Z of Spanish Christmas. Apologies if the sound goes a bit robotic/sci-fi every now and then but I was trying out my portable mic.

Before we move on to the podcast, a big thank you to Celine, for suggesting K is for Kilos de Turrón or Kilómetros de carretera. I think kilómetros de carretera would have been a great one for the enormous traffic jams created over Christmas.

Here are two links you might want to check out:

Related to the the ñ word, muñecas, this post has the advert I mention. Well, it has two adverts, the 1970s and the one from 1990. (Although in the podcast I say I remember the ad from the 80s…)

For more on Spanish Christmas, check out Jane Cronin’s post from 2013:  

For her thoughts on Spanish society, have a look at episode 10 of this podcast.

The A to z of spanishCHRISTMASHere are the words for the second part of this A to Z of Spanish Christmas:
Navidad y Nochevieja
Querer (bonus: quinquelingue)
Reyes Magos
San Nicolás
W – sorry, no W
Antiu Xixona (turrón)

Thank you so much for listening to this podcast. FELIZ 2015.


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