Wow, that was the first month of the Spain Uncovered Podcast, and what a month it’s been!

I’ve been interviewing left, right and centre, not just for this month’s shows but also for September – I’m not very good at working right up to a deadline, I much prefer to have a few episodes scheduled for release.

I’m pleased with the interviews so far – every episode has a different tone and my guests have been brilliant at sharing their own points of view about what’s going on in the country, about how they experience the culture and geography. They’ve also been great at sharing their favourite spots.

So here’s the list of this month’s podcasts. Don’t forget that you can subscribe via iTunes or your favourite podcast/radio app. And if you would like this monthly digest to be delivered directly to your inbox, along with links to ten articles about Spain, you can view and subscribe to the SUP newsletter by clicking here.

Episode 1. Graham Hunt talks about selling property in Valencia and how he ended up setting a business in that city (technically a July podcast, but the only one that month!).

Episode 2. Anna Kemp talks about how she built an amphitheatre in the town of Laroles, in Granada.

Episode 3. Debs Jenkins shares her adventures in the town of La Murta, where she has gathered the cooking recipes of the inhabitants in a book.

Episode 4. Marta Rubio talks about how the theatre scene is changing in Madrid and the effect the bilingual proramme is having on children in schools.

Episode 5. Gaile Griffin Peers runs the Grapevine magazines, which serve as a bridge between the local community and English-speaking residents and visitors.

Episode 6. Pilar talks about Federico GarcĂ­a Lorca’s work and is joined by guests who share their views on the artist’s poetry, language and legacy.

Episode 7. Matthew Hirtes shares his love of Gran Canaria and vegetarian food, as well as the differences between the individual Canary Islands.

Wishing you the best for the month of September.

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