Pilar recording the Spain Uncovered Podcast

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I’m Pilar Orti, the show’s producer and host. Happy to connect with you via Twitter – @PilarWrites

I no longer host this show, but I’m a host and co-host on plenty of others, so check out https://pilarwrites.com/podcasts/

I’ve lived in London since 1990, so you can imagine the number of times I’ve been asked where I’m from. You can also imagine how many times I’ve come across clichéd views of what Spain is like – sometimes those clichés are bang on, but on the whole, there is more to Spain than toros, tapas and flamenco.

Spain is a large country and so, it’s very diverse. It’s also an evolving country that has changed a lot in the past 30 years. To try to capture all this, I wrote The A to Z of Spanish Culture (click here for the audio version of the 2nd edition).      But even this short book seems a bit out of date now.

So what better way of bringing you closer to Spain than to bring you the voices of people living in the country right now?

In this podcast you will hear a wide range of voices – some from British ex-pats who have made Spain their home, some from Spanish people who have been part (and still are) of an evolving society.

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P.S. In true Spanish tradition, my cousin did the music for the intro and the Lorca special. ¡Gracias, Tomás!